Today we have the chance to change the world of Traditional TaeKwonDo together.
Let`s do this! Our time is now.
And take a look at the big picture:
The future belongs to those who collaborate.
You are very welcome to join something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

ITF and Traditional TaeKwonDo

Let’s talk about prejudices, first…

Whether we call our forms „tul“ or „hyong,“ whether we use the sine wave or focus on hip movement, there is no reason to judge them as „wrong“ or „right,“ and certainly no reason to feel superior to others. They are the results of different developments. As practitioners of TaeKwonDo we all have the same roots. It’s time to focus on what unites us, not what makes us different – in the spirit of the founder Gen. Choi Hong-Hi.

Some personal words

A long journey.

In 1975 I started with my first steps in TaeKwonDo.
Over the years I opened many schools in different places in Germany, the USA and all over the world; the headquarter of my system of Traditional TaeKwonDo schools is located in Tampa, Florida, USA. When I traveled through Korea I realized that the divisions and fragmentations within the TaeKwonDo family are petty and outdated. With the acceptance of the duties of ITF Vice President for Traditional TaeKwonDo, I now commit myself to the task of contributing to the overcoming of the alienation between the individual and different Traditional TaeKwonDo systems.

Way to go…

Perspectives for a better future.

Korea is the homeland of TaeKwonDo.
What could be more natural than to share the rich heritage? There are numerous Traditional schools and systems in the world, which, without an organizing roof organization, stand alone and without synergies. Undoubtedly, benefit can arise from collaborating within the organization created by the founder of TaeKwonDo – the ITF.

What’s the idea?

Perhaps first of all, what it is not about: it is not about loosing anything familiar. It is not about loosing the name or logo or tradition of the own Traditional TaeKwonDo school or system. It is not about giving up an own identity.
It is about achieving something new:
A new additional sense of belonging, for students and masters.
A new affiliation to the roots of TaeKwonDo, to its founder, who also founded the International TaeKwon-Do Federation and also led it until his death in 2002.
A new connection with Korea itself.
Imagine the added value of training camps in the home country of TaeKwonDo. You will find world-class and unique training facilities for example in TaeKwonDo-Won with the most advanced technology and incredible opportunities. Visit places significant to TaeKwonDo, from Do-San Park to An Chung-Gun Memorial Hall to the lavish Po-Eun Burial Ground.
The International Taekwon-Do Federation already is an international TaeKwonDo body that provides services for TaeKwon-Do practitioners. But now there is a stronger focus on collaboration. The Traditional TaeKwonDo schools and systems are welcome to join – so that both parties can participate from each other.
If this, in any way sounds interesting to you, whether you are a student, a master, a school owner or a Grand Master with an own system of schools – please feel free to contact me. We will discuss, how a collaboration could be beneficial.
My very own personal opinion is, that we as leaders in Traditional TaeKwonDo have to be not only strong, but modest, wise and humble. These qualities should make it possible for us to overcome any divisions – to a new, common better. For the benefit of everyone.